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The government is gradually allowing business activities to resume, eventually bringing in the “New Normal.” Enterprises are confronted with the challenge of ensuring production activities while also implementing effective disease prevention and control in the context of the disease’s continued high risk of infection. STVG Company Limited has launched a COVID-19 FEVER DETECTION, THERMAL BODY TEMPERATURE CAMERA SYSTEM, an innovative technology solution that assists all businesses and meets the criteria of safe operation and prevention according to the Decision 3328/QĐ-BCĐ on September 25, 2021 issued by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.
Camera đo thân nhiệt

How does STVG’s thermal body temperature camera system assist in the detection of Covid-19?

Automatic thermal body temperature camera system integrated with AI to recognize, take attendance, and measure temperature for employees and enterprise employees. To ensure worker health and safety, as well as to reduce disease spread and take proactive measures to prevent the epidemic as life returns to the “new normal.” Each enterprise must install a Covid-19 fever.detection, thermal body temperature camera system as soon as possible. The thermal body temperature camera system is the ideal solution for quickly measuring human body temperature without contact and screening for fever with extremely low error rates. When the automatic body temperature camera detects that a person’s body temperature is higher than the specified temperature threshold, it sends an alert to the control center. Assist in detecting and isolating people who are at risk of Covid-19. The thermal body temperature camera system allows for automatic remote temperature control of people’s bodies.
  • Check from a distance of up to 6m, ensuring a safe distance according to Ministry of Health standards.
  • With the built-in face recognition AI technology, you can quickly find people whose temperature has risen above the allowable limit.
  • Capable of measuring up to 30 people at the same time in a matter of seconds, with maximum control and measurement even while wearing a mask. Avoid long lines and congestion, as well as cross-infection with other people, to reduce the risk of disease spread.
  • Lessen the workload on the control staff because the system automatically operates at a high measuring frequency.

Camera đo thân nhiệt hoạt động như thế nào ?

What is the operation of STVG’s body temperature camera system?

When employees enter the gate, the camera system automatically measures their body temperature. The employee’s image and body temperature are displayed directly on the TV screen.

  • If an employee or visitor’s body temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the camera’s buzzer alarms and the light is on.
  • The TV save face image of fever people and send to guards to handle.
  • The system will also send an image of the person with a fever to the guard’s tablet.
  • Send zalo photos of patients with fever to the relevant department.
If the person has a high temperature, they need to stand in the cool place for 5 minutes to re-measure the temperature and certify that they have been tested on the tablet. If the temperature is extremely high, handle according to the company’s procedures. All information about dealing with persons who have a fever, as well as daily temperature measurements and data, is reported real-time. The records can be viewed by date, month, and year. A remote automatic temperature check system is a long-range automatic thermal body temperature camera system combined with a gate screening. The long-range thermal body temperature camera system allows for quick temperature checks of people entering and exiting offices, schools, and factories.

Is STVG’s thermal body temperature camera system operating accurately?

STVG’s thermal body temperature camera system, which was researched, developed, and manufactured in the United States, contains the following outstanding features:

  • High accuracy: ±0.3°C error (when working with blackbody)
  • High efficiency: No-contact, portable, and quickly measures temperatures, automatic early warning mechanism, long measuring distance, wide coverage, and simultaneous measurement of multiple people.
It is clear that STTG’s covid-19 fever detection, thermal body temperature camera system is an exceptional, practical, and urgent solution for enterprises this time. In the context of life returning to the “new normal,” businesses are allowed to reopen where they can ensure epidemic prevention and control, as well as control people entering and leaving their working places, in accordance with Decision 3328/QĐ-BCĐ on September 25, 2021 issued by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.


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