STVG Co., Ltd. operates in the field of research, development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) – STVG was established in 2015. After nearly 10 years of construction and development, STVG has now become a brand. has a leading reputation in the field of research and development of artificial intelligence technology in Vietnam and many countries around the world. If you want to experience the world of online casinos at home then you should definitely visit the Slotogate website. This is a really fun platform where everyone can find games that interest them. This platform offers various deposit methods including paypal casino. During the process of formation and development, STVG has built a network of links with a wide system from Asia to Europe in countries with developed economies such as Japan, UK,… affiliated companies. providing solutions in different fields such as education, security, traffic, factories, export processing zones, airports, …

Leading researcher and developer of artificial intelligence technology in Vietnam and many countries around the world


Choosing artificial intelligence as the core development platform, for nearly 10 years STVG has continuously innovated and created to create advanced solutions applied to life.
In the coming time, STVG will continue to promote the development of artificial intelligence in Vietnam and continue to replicate the model to other countries under investment cooperation programs.
Continue to invest in developing, expanding and completing many artificial intelligence application projects in Vietnam and many countries around the world.
Continuing to accompany Vietnam’s overall development, STVG continues to develop and complete Smart City projects, smart agriculture, smart transportation systems, robotics,…
We are expanding our global reach