1. Monitor and handle violations of speeding, lane encroachment, and reverse direction.
  2. Monitor and handle red light violations.
  3. Count and classify traffic flow – traffic jam warning.
  4. Automatically monitor and warn of encroachment on sidewalks, roadways and illegal parking.
  5. Identify license plates of illegally parked vehicles.
  6. Object recognition, crowd detection.
  7. Identify and warn of vehicle license plates in the monitoring list.
  8. Set up a camera monitoring route according to traffic routes, according to professional requirements.
  9. Manage and draft movement routes of objects and vehicles that need to be monitored.
  10. Identify and warn of suspicious objects left behind or objects that need to be monitored moved.
  11. Detecting murder weapons in special areas.
  12. Solution to connect, store and manage large numbers of cameras simultaneously with many brands and types on Smartlook software (Integrated on online and offline digital maps).
  13. Smart search solution for stored data.
  14. Livestream from the phone is transferred to the operating center for direct management when necessary in areas without cameras.